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How to Save/Export a OneNote page to a .one file?

Sometimes, we need to export a OneNote page as a .one file for send the OneNote page to someone.
OneNote 2010, 2013, 2016, 2021 all offer export capabilities. It has an option to export a OneNote page as a .one file.

Browse a OneNote Page

First, browse a OneNote page that you want to export.

Export a OneNote Page to .one File

Then, click the “File” tab on the top ribbon of OneNote.
In the “Export” page choose:
  1. Export Current: Page
  2. Select Format: OneNote 2010 – 2016 Section (*.one)
  3. Finally, click “Export” button.
After you enter a file name, OneNote saves the OneNote page as a .one file.
Export a page as a .one file with the export feature provided by OneNote.
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