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How to Export Notebook that Deleted from Account, But OneNote for Windows 10 Still Exists?


Hi, I have a notebook in the OneNote for Windows 10 app.
My account was using the school's SharePoint but it is no longer available.
I do still see my notebook on my Windows 10 app.
Is there a way to export the notebook? 


OneNote for Windows 10 doesn't offer export capabilities. So you can't export this notebook.


Method 1:

However, you can install the free version of Office OneNote from the Microsoft Store.
Then, copy the pages one by one from OneNote for Windows 10 to Office OneNote.

Method 2:

Or you can try creating a Microsoft personal account in, then sign in to this personal account in OneNote for Windows 10 and open the notebook under this account.
Then copy its sections from the notebook of school account into the notebook of the new personal account.