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Microsoft Delete the Account of OneNote Note, Do the Notes He Shared with Me Still Exist?


The creator of OneNote notes, after sharing his notes with me, if his Microsoft account is deleted by Microsoft, after clearing his data, will the notes shared with me still exist?


The note is created by the creator, so the note is saved in the creator's space.
When he share it with you, you just have the permission to edit his note.

Once the creator's account is cleared by Microsoft, the notes in his space will disappear.


One feature of the OneNote client is that it doesn't automatically close any notebooks.
So, once you open the shared notebook, even if the creator account is deleted, and his data is cleared, as long as you don't manually close the notebook, the notebook will always appear in your OneNote client.
You can create a new notebook and copy the contents of this shared notebook to the new notebook.

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