OneNote Gem Add-Ins


Share single or multiple OneNote pages. No copying, no printing.
This add-in only applies to Microsoft Personal Account, and is invalid for Work or School Account.

  • Size: 2.92 MB
  • System: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • OneNote: OneNote 2010, 2013, 2016, 2021, UWP (Any One)
  • IE: IE 11
  • Trial days: 30 (Some features cannot be a trial) 

OneReader - OneNote Shared Pages Reader

Use OneReader Creator to build your own OneReader app.
Set up to share one or more OneNote pages.
You can publish or email this OneReader App to other collaborators or users to reach the shared OneNote pages.

The OneReader Kit Consists of 2 Parts
  1. OneReader Creator
  2. OneReader

OneReader Creator
  • You can build your own WIN32 application OneReader app from the Creator. You will be free to publish this App to anyone.
  • Create an index page in OneNote to list the pages to be shared, which can be selected from multiple notebooks.
  • You can restrict copy permission for users. Can only read and cannot be copied.
  • You can restrict the print permissions for users. Can only read, cannot print.

OneReader belongs to you, it is generated by OneReader Creator, and you will see the creator name is your name.
After the build, you can send it to anyone.
  • The page pulls down directly from Not saved in the OneReader. So you can modify the page. The page that the user sees will also change.
  • You can add or delete the shared pages from multiple notebooks at any time. OneReader also change in real-time. The pages that the user sees also changes.
  • Limit copy. Users cannot copy by using Ctrl + C.
  • Limit printing. Users cannot print shared content through a printer.
  • It doesn't need OneNote or others except IE 11 to run.